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Engaging and Empowering Employees with Facilitative Leadership

Leading discussions where participants are engaged in focused conversations, sharing perspectives, learning from each other, is a very effective form of continuous learning and facilitative leadership. When people are treated as equals and given accountability in the decision making process, they feel empowered to take ownership and responsibility for the solutions. Continuous learning, accountability, engagement, […]

Connecting Personal Fulfillment to Performance

Leaders get excited when they figure out ways to increase personal motivation for their employees. Why? Because external means of increasing motivation are having less impact and are being removed in times of economic restraint. So how do you find out ways to increase people’s sense of personal motivation? Ways that will engage them more […]

Healthy Conversations to Improve Staff Engagement

In recent cultural values assessments conducted for clients interested in feedback about their workplace culture, several things have been showing up consistently. The desire for the following competencies related to facilitative leadership. With low staff morale, engagement and productivity, I believe we as leaders need to be the change and start having more facilitative dialogue […]

Responding to Employee Surveys the Facilitative Leadership Way

Are you in a position of responding to an employee survey or perhaps planning one to find ways of improving performance? Once you have the data, then what? DO SOMETHING! I know this sounds obvious, however, there is evidence many organizations fail to respond appropriately. There is nothing more de-moralizing and disheartening as an employee […]

Feeding the Human Spirit

What inspires a person to give countless hours to community service and not be willing to go the extra mile for their employer? This question came up yesterday in a seminar on Creating Cultural Impact I was delivering to a group a public servants. They were interested in learning how to create a high performing […]

The High Cost of Low Engagement

Increasing employee engagement and performance are top of mind issues for business leaders. Do you know the cost of low engagement on your bottom line? What would you do differently if you did? Low Engagement Scenario: There are 100 people in the organization with an average annual salary of $50,000 = 5,000,000 Employees are at […]

Building More Meaningful Work Environments

How are you offering your people deeper meaning at work while at the same time achieving your organizational goals? How do you connect and awaken the inner life force that inspires and drives each one of us to get up and face each day anew? Most leaders have this desire, but are wedded to a […]

Consciousness is Tool and Object of Change

Most of us get up in the morning wanting to do good, be our best, make a difference in the world, and add value to life. This enlivens us and makes us feel good. When we feel good we have a positive mental attitude. Can our values change and transform over time? Certainly. Our own […]