All you need is love

Christmas 2Tis the season, isn’t it? That time of year where the spirit of Christmas fills your heart with love and we feel that warm glow of joy, happiness and peace.

What if we could bottle this feeling of love and connection, and share it the whole year? Imagine what life would be like.

“All you need is love”. 

These words made famous by The Beatles 30+ years ago, still hold true today.  Positive energy and inspirational leadership come from the heart. This feeling of happiness we experience at Christmas, the human connections we make, to me, this is the human spirit that makes all things possible.


 Everyone wants to experience love, joy and happiness in life and at work, but few realize our own level of happiness, the quality of our relationships and amount of connection we have to others, are the foundation to them all.

At Christmas, our loving spirit awakens to who we are, and the importance of our inner nature. Mind, body and spirit are integrated to promote our desire for good health, fulfilling relationships, and inner peace.

My wish this Christmas is for you to bottle that loving feeling you have and keep it close to your heart. Use it as a reminder of what is possible the throughout whole year. 


With love from Singapore,



My new year’s gift to you for 2017 is:

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