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Creating a Better World

At a recent talk, an attendee asked if I had noticed a shift in the consciousness of people around the world.  And the answer I gave was, yes. As democracy flourishes, millions of people are demanding their voices be heard, not just in how nations are governed, but also in how the organizations are led […]

Planning a Merger or Leading Change? Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

There is a well-known saying by Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Applied to culture change this means whatever new strategies a leadership team creates will not succeed unless they are aligned with the current or desired culture.  How can you expect different results unless you focus consciously on changing the way people behave […]

IQ + EQ = SQ (Social Intelligence)

IQ + EQ = SQ  Social Intelligence to Engage the Collaborative Organization Learning to share power is the challenge of the 21st century.  For 17 years I’ve been a professional facilitator, helping teams and communities come together to build consensus and collaborate. What I’ve witnessed is people in all fields; technical, business, politics, and the […]

Five Tips for Lifelong Learning

It takes courage for leaders to start a journey of lifelong learning that is brought about by cultural transformation. It is challenging, exciting, and stimulating all at the same time. One leader told me, if he had known before starting the journey, how much personal transformation it would take, he might never have begun the […]

Awakening the Force

<!– –>December 17, 2015, Star Wars – The Force Awakens opened around the world, introducing Stars Wars and the power of Good vs Evil to a whole new generation. Awakening the force within your organizations enables the following: “Business must view people not as a resource but as sources. A resource is a lump of […]

Conscious Culture vs Unconscious Default Culture

November 11, 2015 1st Anniversary of our book launch in Southeast Asia. Between conscious and unconscious culture of old and new values and behaviors, of unconscious victimization and conscious choice, is a cultural transition of major proportions. Many organizations are undecided about which way to go and are some type of combination of both worlds. […]

Bridging the Cultural Divide Connecting IT and Business

Last week I had the honour of being invited to speak at a BITAS Conference (Business IT Architecture Series) on organizational culture change, organized by IASA Global for Enterprise Architects. It felt like a home-coming because the first 15 years of my professional career were spent working in the IT industry for 2 multi-nationals Oracle […]