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Collaboration and Interdependency Culture Leadership

In Nordic countries we see the impact values of cooperation and equality have had on creating a healthy and successful society. These are high levels of consciousness to which the rest of the world can aspire. With the complexity of life inside and outside organizations increasing, the values of collaboration and interdependency are becoming necessary […]

Conscious Leadership

The core requirement for developing cultural capital is the right kind of conscious leadership. Leaders need to combine resilience and emotional capacity to continuously improve themselves as they continuously improve their organization. They make the change story personal by offering compelling reasons for change and engaging others. They model the desired behaviors and values and […]

Creating Cultural Capital- The New Business Paradigm of the 21st Century

Here are some key facts about leadership and stakeholder value: Leadership development drives cultural capital Cultural capital drives employee fulfilment Employee fulfilment drives client satisfaction Client satisfaction drives stakeholder value We are moving from the information age, where knowledge capital was our key concern, to the Age of Consciousness, where cultural capital is driving transformation. […]