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Feeling devalued leads to emotions of loss and disengagement

Recently I experienced a misalignment of corporate values with a strategic partner. This was a relationship I valued highly and which gave great meaning and purpose in the work we do. It has been painful and confusing, trying to understand the new strategies and decisions the new leadership team is making. The greatest disappointment in this […]

Learning to Fly and Soar with Conscious Courage

For the past 16 years I’ve learned how to fly and soar with courage, thanks to my spirit teacher H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Last Tuesday was a day of celebration, where we thank our gurus and the lineage of gurus, for being on the path of spiritual wisdom. This is both a personal and […]

Coming Home – Listening to Our Inner Voice

It’s time to return home to Ottawa, Canada. My inner voice has been calling me home for over a year now. There are family concerns, work related opportunities, but most of all, my intuition is telling me it’s time. I know it’s a calling from my soul and something I cannot, and should not ignore. […]

Knowledge is Empowerment

I’m currently in the process of my own personal transformation. It’s definitely an uncomfortable place to be, because of the feelings of uncertainty in my life. As I sit and reflect on all the emotions I’m feeling, being able to identify why I’m feeling this way, and what I need to make myself feel better, […]

3 Steps to a Successful Strategy Implementation

Everyone knows workplace culture is important. In many cases, a company’s culture is more important than its strategy or operating model. A few years ago, a consulting company in Singapore did a study with 200 companies. Their results showed 9 out of 10 strategic initiatives failed because leaders didn’t focus on changing people’s behaviours and […]

From Fear to Trust

Everyone wants joy and happiness, but few realize that mental, physical and emotional well-being are the foundation to them all. Each of us has the power to make choices to be our most joyful, loving and creative selves. So what holds us back from making positive choices to realize our full potential? Our fears. Fears […]

All you need is love

Tis the season, isn’t it? That time of year where the spirit of Christmas fills your heart with love and we feel that warm glow of joy, happiness and peace. What if we could bottle this feeling of love and connection, and share it the whole year? Imagine what life would be like. “All you […]