16 Differences Between Successful People and Unsuccessful People

Letting go and embracing change is a big challenge, in our personal…
December 9, 2014/by Joanna Barclay

3 Steps to a Successful Strategy Implementation

Everyone knows workplace culture is important. In many cases,…
June 29, 2017/by Joanna Barclay
International Women's Day

A Challenge Facing Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Being a concsious leader means awakening your self-awareness…
February 8, 2018/by Carolyn
organizational culture

Build YOUR Desired Culture!

All power and effectiveness come from knowing how and acting…
April 19, 2018/by Carolyn
Building Bridges Across the Cultural Divide

Building Bridges Across the Cultural Divide

November 29, 2014/by Joanna Barclay
Work Environments

Building More Meaningful Work Environments

How are you offering your people deeper meaning at work while…
December 11, 2014/by Joanna Barclay

Celebrating World Values Day – October 20, 2016

What inspired my husband and I to move half way around the…
October 20, 2016/by Joanna Barclay

Coming Home – Listening to Our Inner Voice

It’s time to return home to Ottawa, Canada. My inner voice…
May 23, 2019/by Joanna Barclay
Personal Fulfillment

Connecting Personal Fulfillment to Performance

Leaders get excited when they figure out ways to increase personal…
January 7, 2015/by Joanna Barclay

Conscious Leadership – The Path to Awareness and Wellbeing with Horses

The decision to become an Equine Facilitator and learn how to…
January 31, 2019/by Joanna Barclay

Conscious Leadership – Building Collaboration The Facilitative Way

For years, I studied and practiced group facilitation. What really…
September 30, 2019/by Joanna Barclay

Conscious Leadership Transformation

What is the mind?  Vibrating consciousness. The organizational…
September 5, 2017/by Carolyn
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