Symposium: Building a Resilient and Thriving Workforce

January 22, 2019


9:15 am – Opening Keynote: Conscious Leadership through Values in Times of Disruptive Change

Download presentation: Opening Keynote – Conscious Leadership through Values – for Participants

4:20 pm – Closing Keynote: Thriving in the New Economy

Download presentation: Closing Keynote – Thriving in the new economy


Download Brochure:  Conscious Leadership workshop with Horses Brochure Mar 1-3

Leadership Development – Masterclass – How to Build a High Performing Workplace

Free Leadership Development e-learning video: How to use the Organizational Journey Map

  • Module 9 (People-Centric Learning Organizations)  in the Masterclass on HOW TO BUILD A HIGH PERFORMING WORKPLACE provides an overview of the Organizational Journey Map and how to use it for leading organization change to build a resilient workforce.
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Book: Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics and Leadership