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At a recent talk, an attendee asked if I had noticed a shift in the consciousness of people around the world.  And the answer I gave was, yes. As democracy flourishes, millions of people are demanding their voices be heard, not just in how nations are governed, but also in how the organizations are led and run.

More than ever before people are looking for accountability, equality, fairness, freedom, openness, transparency, and trust.

Is this a good thing? I believe it is if you truly would like to see a better world.

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It all starts with building better organizations, who have a purpose to add value to society.  Did you know, the most successful organizations in the world are values-driven?  How is this you ask?  When you seek to understand employee’s needs, and make an effort to fulfil those needs, employees respond by becoming more engaged, and bring creativity and commitment into work.

How many times have I heard leaders asking for higher engagement, creativity and commitment?  Almost very organization is looking for these. They have become the new buzzwords.

So the next question I often get during my talks is: “How do I meet all of my employee needs?  They have so many it seems.  My response is quite simple:

We all have the same basic human needs, which everyone wants to experience in life and at work.

Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Fairness, and Trust.

Who does not wish to experience these?  In fact, it’s when we don’t that trouble happens.

We all want to feel accepted for who we are, our values and behaviours. The challenge is we do not all have the same beliefs or expected behaviours that define these values.  Hence, the need for dialogue and accepting our differences.  This is a biggie, accepting our differences.

More often than not, we judge each other and expect others to be just like us.  However, if we can accept people for who they are, and make an effort to share our values, what makes them important to us, and the kind of behaviours we’d like to experience, an amazing transformation can happen.

When people talk about their values, they connect on the heart level. It creates a deep connection, sense of belongingness and trust. Give it a try by taking your own Personal Values Assessment and share the results with your family, friends and team. Here is a teambuilding exercise to use in working with your values.

Another challenge to creating a better world is our personal values as a society are not currently in alignment with business values. For example, we want to trust our leaders, and have them care about the health and welfare of others, make a difference and contribute to society as a whole. Can business as a whole say it shares the same values? If we look at our current political reality, there are global leaders who are governed by self-interest and not looking out for the common good.

It is misalignment of values like this that is causing the decrease in employee engagement leading to reduced productivity and efficiency. Business needs to find ways to create inspiring visions, with meaning and purpose that align with the values of their employees, strategic objectives, and society.

The greatest cultural transformation happens when leadership teams are asked to put aside the personal agendas and the self-interest of the organizations they represent, to work together as one for the common good.  In doing so they all reap the exponential benefits. Before transformation, valuable resources were spent dealing with confrontations. With a common vision and shared values, members can make more efficient use of their resources by collaborating and maximizing their strengths.

Conscious awakening is happening in the world. It is no longer acceptable for businesses to avoid responsibility for all its stakeholders, even when they live on the opposite side of the planet. Thanks to social media and globalization, Third World countries will see benefit in the long term as we learn to take care of each other for the common good. It may take a pinch of enlightened self-interest and, sometimes, tragedy for change to happen; however, evolutionary transformation cannot be stopped once conscious awareness has taken place.

Creating a better world happens through the ABCs of High Performance. Start with AWARENESS of employees’ needs through a Cultural Values Assessment. Create a sense of BELONGINGNESS  by building trust in sharing your values. And  COMMIT as an organization to an inspiring vision.

With love from Singapore.


We are very excited to share that my book, Conscious Culture, has been selected by the Government of Canada to be included in their recommended reading list of Reference Material for Ethics Advisors/Officers. What an honour!

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With 30 years in business transformation working with organizations, Joanna’s passion lies in working with leaders, facilitating active participation in organizational change, developing resourceful teams and aligning strategic objectives. Her goal is to help organizations become high performing and values-driven, where people take ownership, build commitment and bridge communication gaps. As CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, she ensures successful transformation from concept through to implementation.

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