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Certification in Cultural Transformation Tools to Build High Performing Organizations – Ottawa

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Feb 12 @ 9:00 am - Feb 15 @ 5:00 pm UTC+8 UTC+8

- 3600.00 $

This course is designed to serve organisations who wish to build a high performing, value-driven corporate culture for their people. Lifting performance to the highest levels at work, to have a greater fulfilment in their lives, and to make a contribution to the wider community.

If you wish to become a change agent to aid human consciousness evolution, this is an essential training for you. It is designed for consultants, change agents and human resource professionals who want to become highly skilled and confident in leveraging the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), from the Barrett Values Centre, for leadership development and organisational transformation.

Perhaps you have attended CTT training before? If so, you may wish to re-attend this new training as a refresher. The new training materials and methodologies are redesigned to be more effective in supporting you as a successful CTT practitioner with your client work.

This is the best CTT certification training to start using CTT in a practical way, either as an internal change agent or as an external consultant. It is designed to give you a deep understanding of the CTT Models and Tools, as well as practical experience on how to apply CTT in your cultural transformation process. The course also provides an opportunity for your own personal transformation experience.

It contains material from both CTT Part 1 and CTT Part 2 and has much more personal and hands-on experience of how to interpret values assessments results, how to deliver leadership assessments feedback, how to select and present a number of dialogue tools from the Get Connected workbook, and more.

Your trainer Joanna Barclay is a highly effective organisational development practitioner with over 30 years of diverse experience from around the world. She will guide your learning with a wealth of practitioner knowledge, client case stories, and best practice studies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be certified to use a powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools with full access to all CTT products and online consulting materials.

Additional Description

This training is conducted over 4 days:

  • Day 1 focuses on Personal Consciousness: we introduce the concept of cultural transformation and look into the 7 Levels of Consciousness model and the Individual Values Assessment.
  • Day 2 is devoted to Transforming Organizations, covering the Cultural Values Assessments, Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessments, and the use of demographics within organisations.
  • Day 3 focuses on Leadership, through leadership development incorporating Richard Barrett’s 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness, the Leadership Values Assessments tools and a live coaching demonstration. We’ll also cover the design of leadership workshops.
  • Day 4 is devoted to Direction & Action: it covers the creation of vision and mission statements (the direction) and, finally, we put everything together into a comprehensive and practical blend creating business transformation (the concept of whole systems change).

Upon completion of the course, you will receive one of the following:

  • One free Small Group Values Assessment, or Small Leadership Team Values Assessment,  plus Individual Values Assessments for each person (Value $1800 USD, for up to 20 people)
  • One free Leadership Development Report (Value $250 USD) to use with a client
  • One free Individual Values Assessment Report (Value $200 USD) to use with a colleague or client

Joanna and CLG may be engaged to guide your next steps, mentor your practice, or support you in delivering complex CTT initiatives.

Price: $3,600 USD

 Registration: https://valuescentre.com/mapping-values/using-cultural-transformation-tools/training-schedule?filter=country&value=CA

 Course Date: February, 12-15, 2019

Read more about Culture Transformation Tools


Joanna Barclay
+65 8629 8815


Ottawa, Canada