Feeling devalued leads to emotions of loss and disengagement

Recently I experienced a misalignment of corporate values with a strategic partner. This was a relationship I valued highly and which gave great meaning and purpose in the work we do.

It has been painful and confusing, trying to understand the new strategies and decisions the new leadership team is making.

The greatest disappointment in this change process is how the shared value of collaboration has been ignored and stepped on.

It feels like I’ve lost a beloved friend. That someone I trusted and who gave me passion, meaning and purpose in life is now gone. 😞

Our values and what is most important to us are the language of the heart. These are the things that inspire us, motivate us, and give us energy every morning to get up and act.

When our values are stepped on and ignored the feeling is very debilitating, physically and emotionally!!!

Has this ever happened to you in one of your personal or a work relationship? In both situations the impact it quite devastating. Having one’s values stepped on and ignored leads to relationship breakups and valued employees leaving.

For 20 years I’ve been a Professional Facilitator helping teams create collaborative solutions. I know it’s possible to create strategies through collaborative dialogue even in the midst of the most challenging situations.

Listening to people demonstrates respect and provides a sense of fulfillment and empowerment.

I believe including all stakeholders in the decision making process is the most powerful way to build commitment and support. It gives people a voice and an ability to share valuable ideas . But most important is they understand WHY the decisions are being made!

Not knowing the WHY is the greatest challenge to being able to accept change. If I don’t know the WHY, how can I honestly be asked to accept and commit to it?

Being part of the conversation from the beginning of the change process automatically provides the WHY!  People will understand WHY the changes are necessary and are in a better position mentally and emotionally to support the decisions.

An inclusive, collaborative way of making decisions may take a bit longer. However, the benefits far outweigh the negative results of stepping on people’s values and ignoring their input.

We are living in a brave new world where people expect their leaders to treat them with respect.  People want to be heard, and feel cared for.

How are you listening to the needs of the most important people in your life?


Much love from Ottawa.