Finding Fulfilment – How to Retain Top Talent

It is said that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and no, not the day you die, but the day you realize why you are born. Why is the second so important? Because discovering your true purpose or calling in life connects to your inner passion for living. How you see the world, the decisions you make to earn a living and what you do from then on is influenced by an inner desire to grow and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Are you thriving or merely surviving? I define thriving as having the ability to express yourself, connect with others, and contribute in meaningful ways.

Last week at a seminar I heard a wonderful expression:  Millennials are suffering from “quarter-life crisis”! As amusing as this sounds, it tells me something powerful about their hopes and dreams. They are looking for fulfilment, want to make a difference, and do something meaningful with the precious gift of life they have been given.

Soon 50% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials.  What impact will this have on your workplace environment, having a workforce that is looking for ‘employee fulfilment’? How are you preparing to meet this need and what exactly does fulfilment mean to them? It’s certainly quite a different set of expectations from when I first entered the workforce.  I was just happy to have a job.

These are very important questions to answer.  They will make a difference whether or not an organization will be able to effectively engage and retain the valuable talent they have spent considerable resources to attract and hire.

Fulfilment can only begin to happen when our basic needs have been met.  Meeting our basic needs are the building blocks for our emotional and physical health. For most Millennials entering the workforce this is the case. Their basic needs of survival/safety, loving relationships, and self-esteem/status have been met. As parents, we have provided these basic needs that have enabled our children to grow and develop.

With their basic needs provided for, development of individuality begins. They develop their own sense of style, who they are, and what will make them happy. Growth and fulfilment being to happen from within, discovering themselves.

The more alignment we can create in our lives between meeting our basic needs and fulfilling our purpose, the healthier, happier and higher performing we will be. This is where the sense of thriving comes from.

It is journey of self-discovery, our reason for being, and our purpose.  When we can satisfy our basic needs and our purpose at the same time, we will find fulfilment and experience a deep sense of well-being.

Millennials are often seen as demanding and self-centred. However, these are necessary steps on the journey to finding fulfilment. Discovering who you are and what will make you happy.

We tend to think ourselves as material beings, but in reality we are energetics beings having a physical experience.

One way to discover who you are and what’s most important to you is to explore your personal values. The Personal Values Assessment from the Barrett Values Centre is a free online tool designed for personal development and team building.  Values are the language of the heart and when lived, give a positive mental attitude.

Positive Mental Attitude x Ability = High Performance

And conversely, “Negative Mental Attitude x Ability (all the degrees and experience you have) = Low Performance

Use the tool to discover what matters most in your life and share these values with your manager, team members and loved ones.  The more alignment you can find at work and in your relationships with your personal values, the happier and more fulfilled you will be.

What I love most about finding fulfilment are the positive all-round impacts it has on personal happiness, physical and mental health, and our overall performance.

Providing employee fulfilment is a key success factor to retaining top talent.

With love from Singapore.


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