Facilitative Leadership Communication


Powerful methods to facilitate, coach and build consensus. 

Facilitative Leadership Communication Skills Brochure

Facilitative leadership is transformative. It moves an organization from being focused on “me” (self-interest) to being focused on “we” (common good). Facilitative leaders unify the organization and bring out the best in people. When facilitative leaders focus their attention on others and invite employees to participate, seek their advice, work as a team and build consensus, employees come alive.

The art and science of a facilitative leadership is the ability to connect the hearts and minds of people. It empowers group members to share perspectives and learn from each other. In the process, this increases self-awareness and awareness of others. It accesses the wisdom of the group and creates sustainable solutions with high impact.

Learn how to:
  • Facilitate and coach groups more effectively.
  • Make meetings more productive and efficient.
  • Focus a diverse group’s energy on common goals.
  • Create a sense of teamwork.
  • Improve staff morale.
  • Tap into group creativity to maximize productivity.

Learn the ‘Focused Conversation Method’, which provides a structure for clear dialogue and reflection, probes beneath the surface to the depth of a topic, encourages a diversity of perspectives and leads to decisions. Learn the ‘Consensus Workshop Method’ to engage participation of diverse group members and create genuine consensus. Build effective team partnerships and lead large groups effectively.

Insightful learning for experienced as well as novice facilitators. It will be an immediate difference in your leadership, to understand and practice facilitation to become a Facilitative Leader.

For organizations who want to build Facilitative Leadership, we offer a complete Leadership Development program to support long term cultural transformation.

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