Healthy Conversations to Improve Staff Engagement

In recent cultural values assessments conducted for clients interested in feedback about their workplace culture, several things have been showing up consistently. The desire for the following competencies related to facilitative leadership. With low staff morale, engagement and productivity, I believe we as leaders need to be the change and start having more facilitative dialogue with Staff.

The first step in transformation of any kind is to become aware of the problems and the need for change. Organizational transformation happens one healthy conversation at a time. Therefore each conversation we have with Staff is an opportunity to build engagement and empower them to be the change they want to see.

What is the quality of the conversations you are leading with staff?

How do you rate yourself on the follow facilitative leadership competencies?

Facilitative Leadership Competencies

  • Seeks advice. Builds consensus. Creates positive spirit.
  • Strong focus on continuous learning, continuous renewal and innovation.
  • Actively engaged in own personal development, and supports personal development of direct reports.
  • Empowers staff to make decisions. Resists the temptation to micro manage the work of others.
  • Adaptable, courageous and enjoys challenges.

Tips for Healthy Conversations:

Speaking: Say what you mean

Speaking with care enables people to understand and dialogue with your ideas

  • Think before you speak
  • Your voice and body communicate
  • Stick to the topic
  • Speak with the person or group
  • Say what you intend
  • Imagine the results


Listening: Hearing what others mean

Listening is about trust, respect, involvement and information more that it is about ears.

  • Stop talking
  • Look, act and be interested
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Try to get inside the other’s perspective
  • Listen between the lines
  • Watch body language


Asking: Interacting with intention

Questions are the vehicle that take us to interaction and understanding.

  • Clarify what has been said
  • Probe to find deeper meaning
  • Generate non-linear, creative thinking
  • Promote looking below the surface
  • Encourage reflection
  • Move toward action

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