Knowledge is Empowerment

I’m currently in the process of my own personal transformation. It’s definitely an uncomfortable place to be, because of the feelings of uncertainty in my life. As I sit and reflect on all the emotions I’m feeling, being able to identify why I’m feeling this way, and what I need to make myself feel better, I can sense my confidence returning, and I’m able to make decisions with greater certitude.

When was the last time you felt uncertain about a decision you were making? How much time did you take to reflect on the emotions you were feeling and the beliefs about yourself or the situation you were in?

Authentic empowerment is knowing who you are, your preferred communication style, and way of processing information. This is a critical step on the journey to developing greater self-awareness and making better decisions in your life.

How comfortable are you with your ‘power’?

What beliefs do you have about your sense of being ‘powerful’?

What is one thing you would do differently if you felt ‘empowered’?


Horse is the archetype for ‘POWER’. Working with horses on the ground, safely and effectively helps individuals become aware of and own their ‘power’. I think we can all do better at being responsible for our mental, physical, and emotional selves.

What self-beliefs do you have that limit or promote you sense of ‘power’?

Most of us are unaware of our beliefs. They operate beneath the surface of our awareness, much like our personal values.

Working with horses on the ground, they help us to see and feel our beliefs in action because they mirror our internal landscape.  Being animals of prey for thousands of years makes horses ultra-sensitive and tuned into their surroundings.   They can sense our internal feelings better and with greater awareness than we can!

How would you like to become aware of your beliefs and what they are doing to support you in achieving your full potential as a manager, mother, husband, sister, child, or friend?

The simple fact is people who make responsible choices for themselves are healthier and happier. People who feel empowered live in peace and harmony with themselves and others.

Working with horses on the ground is a reflective experience mirroring our personal and interpersonal relationships.  The interactive exercises develop communication skills, promote teambuilding, and contribute to being responsible for ourselves.

At the heart of what we do is give permission for people to fully feel and express their feelings. Giving voice to emotions and thoughts that are attached to feelings.

Our next human evolution is interconnection. We need to develop skills in cooperation and collaboration for healthy interdependence.  It all begins with self-awareness. Knowledge is empowerment.


As within, so without.


Developing our ability to make conscious choices in service of our hearts.

Developing our ability to choose behaviours and change feelings with conscious awareness is authentic empowerment.


Allowing. Listening. And trusting the process.


Much love, from Singapore.


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