CC Puan

“P1 is going through a major transformation to deliver a new business, and we knew from the outset that our future success lies in developing a powerful workplace culture where everyone in the team shows up 110% every single day. When I came across the Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) approach in my personal training, I knew it would be a powerful complement to P1’s already ongoing efforts to develop our new culture. What I like about the CVA is the premise that when personal and workplace values are in alignment, you unleash people potential. I also love that the CVA made a complicated task simple; here are your people’s values, the current workplace values, and what your people want in future.

The CVA delivered great quantitative data and surfaced key themes that gave structure to our qualitative findings. The insights are also actionable. Once my team saw the report, we all felt that we can run with it. My personal compliments to Joanna who collaborated effortlessly with our partner agency when she got looped in midway. She managed to engage my entire team and shake off the notion that culture is soft stuff. In fact, she’s Ted Talk quality and her idea is worth spreading.

If you want to level up with unbeatable culture advantage, do the CVA, do it yearly.”

- CC PuanCEO Packet 1, Mobile Telecommunication Company, Malaysia


Transforming Lives

The premier Chief Executive Leadership organization in the world, YPO-WPO, brings together the best minds, providing learning experiences that are unforgettable, inspiring and transformational.

Joanna Barclay, CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, provided a 2-day workshop for 45 of the leading CEOs in Malaysia. They were looking for knowledge and practical experience on how to:

  • Align team members around an inspiring, passionate corporate culture and the organization’s purpose;
  • Transform a mind-set of self-interest into a desire to support the common good;
  • Embed core values and leverage the personal values of leaders to become a values-driven organization;
  • Map, measure, and manage a corporate culture for long term sustainability and leadership development;
  • Build an inspiring and respectable corporate culture that will encourage employees to give their 100% enthusiastically.

The leaders shared experiences, and learned from each other the potential of investing in building a high performing workplace culture and the impact it has on the ROI of their businesses.