Transformational Leadership Inspires Employee Engagement

What are the new millennials looking for? Transformational Leadership that inspires employee engagement so they can realize their full potential without the use of power or authority.
How would you like to come into work everyday feeling excited and happy to be there? Imagine the perspective and energy you would have.

This a kind of ‘WOW’ workplace culture that is worth creating. The financial benefits and opportunities it can create, having your employees fully engaged and wanting to make a difference are enormous. Considering the average levels of employee engagement in North America are between 26 – 30% and in South East Asia, between 6-12%, that’s a lot of disengagement you’re paying for and not realizing the benefits.

Are you a boss or a leader?
What are the qualities in a great leader you admire?
How often do you think about living those qualities?

“All power and effectiveness comes from knowing the how and acting appropriately”, Tao of Leadership.

When you know how you are showing up and act with intention, paying attention to what is happening around you, you will have the ability to manifest your destiny. However, how often do we have an intention to act with respect, trust, or compassion? If we acted with respect, trust, or compassion in our heart and mind, what things would we be paying more attention to? What outcomes do you think we would achieve?

When respect shows, it grows.
When trust shows, it grows.
When love shows, it grows.
As a transformational leader, we have the power to manifest great things.
Intention + attention = manifestation!

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Leadership Speaker Joanna Barclay (2)Leadership Speaker Joanna Barclay (2)Leadership Speaker Joanna Barclay (2)Contact Us Joanna BarclayJoanna Barclay, Speaker, Author, Leadership Consultant building high performing values-driven organizational culture.

With 30 years in business transformation working with organizations, Joanna’s passion lies in working with leaders, facilitating active participation in organizational change, developing resourceful teams and aligning strategic objectives. Her goal is to help organizations become high performing and values-driven, where people take ownership, build commitment and bridge communication gaps. As CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, she ensures successful transformation from concept through to implementation.

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